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I'm low on gas and you need a jacket


I used to wear this all the time. But after knowing what he did I wont continue to support Jason (veeoneeye). I find the whole infinity thing quite ironic to be honest. Evan’s video had me in bits, probably because I was thinking how hard it would be, completely cutting off a friendship with someone you once considered a close friend.

So I cut it up, its a shame…I liked the colour


Recent allegations (now confirmed and admitted by him) have come up surrounding Jason (Veeoneeye) harassing, committing statutory rape and just being creepy with underage girls via social networks.

Anyway, I’m not saying I’m a huge victim or anything, but I’d like to just speak about some strange…


I’m going to start by saying that I do not have a youtube channel. I have never met or spoken to any of the youtubers that have been talked about. I do not know anybody that has been affected by these people. I am just someone who enjoys watching youtubers and has lost respect for so many people over the past two weeks.

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Sam pepper does something bad:
“Hes such a disgusting human being why would someone be like this”

Veeoneeye does the same thing:
“Aw but he said sorry guys ill always stand up for him hes such a good guy”



Posting this to get the word across.
I’ve known about this situation for a while and the above girl is actually very close to me and I’ve seen a snapchat sent by Jason to her once, too. This isn’t for attention it’s for AWARENESS.
Get the word out.


I don’t want to say my name because I don’t think I need to. If anybody wants to know who I am my ask box is open so go for it.

I used to look up to VeeOneEye. I did for a long time. He was my “sunshine” as I used to call him (cringe). I guess I sort of realised he was an odd lad after a while…


Gerard covered a folk song from the 1600s…

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You’re a beautiful shitter.